Computer Repairs / Website Design and Development

Computer, Laptop and Smart Device Repairs

We can help you with:

Smartphone Setup, upgrade and Apps installation
Smart TV setup
iPhone to Samsung smartphone user data transfer
Contacts, Messages, Photos, Music etc transfer
Smartphone Cleanup, backup and performance enhancement
E-mail setup on pc, laptop & smartphone
Internet setup on all smart devices
Computer, laptop, smartphone Upgrades
Broadband setup
Network Installations
Backup and recovery setup
Data Recovery
Software upgrades
Online backup storage
Database management
PC Health Check
Internet problem detection & solution
WiFi, router and modem
Computer new build
Tutoring customized to user's need                

Internet security
Spyware protection
computer performance optimization
Over heating
Too slow
No Internet
Blue screen
Email trouble
Smartphones settings and synchronisation
Custom built computers
Removal of nagging pop-up windows.
Removal of website redirections
Removal of Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Malware etc
File cleansing & registry repair
Pc optimisation for faster overall speed
Junk and orphaned program removal
Restore data from your old computers and hard drives
Fix slow start-up
Setup a wireless network in your home or office

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