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For Remote Support Service: (Available to anybody in the world with Internet access)

Before starting remote support, we have to establish a chat session using any one the following tool: Viber, Skype, Whatsapp, LINE, Google Hangouts etc. Please see "Contact Us" page for details.
If your context device to be repaired or supported have an active Internet access, then we will be able to provide Remote desktop support and resolve your issues.
Please download and run the Teamviewer desktop sharing client application ( TeamViewerQS_en.exe ) and let me know your device remote access credentials for the session.
On executing the TeamViewerQS_en.exe, a Teamviewer "Allow Remote Control" window will be displayed with YourID & Password credentials. The password credential is only valid for 1 session, so there is no risk of providing it to me. In case, your computer needs restarting during repair work, you have to again run this downloaded executable file and provide me the new generated password again, if remote access is still needed.

Download from my website:

Download Direct from Teamviewer official website:

Please download the "For the instant customer: TeamViewer QuickSupport" version.

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